Kylin Lee Achermann

I came to the craft of hand bookbinding in 2002 when I began working with master bookbinder Daniel Kelm at his Wide Awake Garage in Easthampton, MA. For eight years I had the privilege of learning from and working side by side with Daniel on the great variety of projects that pass through his shop. I found inspiration in his creative approach and developed an eye for exacting detail. Some examples of work done together with Daniel Kelm at the Wide Awake Garage can be found here.

Since 2007 I have been the sole proprietor of Kylin Lee Artisan Studio and have completed select editions for 21st Editions Photography and Granary Books, as well as a variety of custom projects for private clients.



Because I love to create – and through my work I hope to continue and enrich the traditions of fine craftsmanship. I value the quality and essence of careful, skilled workmanship and celebrate the opportunity to produce exquisite, handmade goods in which are evident the hands, heart, and soul of a dedicated artisan. I am inspired by the possibilities I find in honoring the techniques and traditions of fine bookbinding and yet bending them around new forms, functions and materials.


I found my start in bookbinding among many creative and talented colleagues in Western Massachusetts, USA. For eight years I occupied various studios at One Cottage Street in Easthampton, MA nestled at the foot of Mt. Tom. Since the fall of 2010, pursuant to some significant life changes and exciting opportunities, I find myself nestled at the foot Mt. Pilatus, another, rather much larger mountain in central Switzerland. Located near the beautiful, cultural hub of Lucerne, Switzerland, I continue to expand my work and explore new projects. Stop by for a visit! You can find my studio here.